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Bedroom- Reorganized & Refreshed

The pictures here don't truly show the progress made. I neglected to take a more accurate picture "before" we got to work in this bedroom. After purging, sorting and organizing in other spaces of the home, photographs and artwork covered the bed and floor in an effort to get them all together in one space. We had a lot to go through to be able to prioritize and find places to display all these treasured items, as well as get this room back to a functioning and newly organized bedroom. A good amount of time was spent hanging artwork and cherished photographs throughout the house. And, as is typical when organizing any space, we often find items that should be relocated to other rooms in the home, grouping them with other "like" things.

We were able to better define what items would be kept here and organize drawers accordingly. We made a slight change to bedding, going with a more solid color for the main quilt and layering with a multi-colored print.


After our initial completion of this space, different furniture was acquired, more suited to the taste of these homeowners. This guest bedroom, that also functions as extra storage for various categories, is once again, tidy, organized, and ready for enjoyment ;-)

Do you have a room that could use a design refresh, or a new spin on how things are organized for easy and practical use? SII is here to help!

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