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Guest Bedroom with Hunting/Fishing Storage- Makeover Complete

This bedroom serves as extra storage, but also needed to get back to a functioning sleeping space for guests. We relocated and purged a couple small furniture pieces, as well as some items no longer needed. What was kept was put away with other 'like' things. In order to best serve this client, there will still be a couple "storage bins" left out, as is best for the intended purpose of this space. I always bring my organizing 'tips and recommendations,' but final placement is always about the client, keeping in mind it is their home. I am there to help make guided choices into the best solution for their daily lives.

With a wildlife theme, and a lot of artwork desiring display, we hung as much as we could throughout this bedroom and adjacent bathroom. One exciting feat in this room, was finally finding placement for the bear rug. (unfortunately, not shown in these photos)

We also switched out both side tables with furniture already on hand, and added an armoire for much needed storage space. Bedding was changed to better compliment the theme and color scheme of the room.

You can see from the dramatic change between the "before and after pics" here, that major progress was made towards function and peace of mind.

Need a little direction is getting your space put together in a way that prioritizes your needs?

I can help! In fact, I'd love to :-)

Reach Out.

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