Simply Inspired Interiors offers organizing & home staging to Central Oregon.

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serving central oregon
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home styling, home staging, clutter free, fresh design
refocus.  refresh.  restyle.
clear out the clutter  
invite order and purpose


Organizing & Home Staging for Occupied Homes

Are you feeling....


surrounded by clutter? 

frustrated you can't

easily find things?

I'm here to help!

no pressure. no judgement.

exciting change is in store.

clutter free, organized space using storage baskets


meeting your organizational needs

bringing order, efficiency,

and peace of mind


creating a fresh look

utilizing existing furniture & decor

and adding new touches

living room-decluttered, restyled, fresh design, home staging

Are you ....

needing to declutter and rearrange your spaces?

looking for a design refresh 

without a costly full makeover? 

I'm here to help!

we will customize the plan to

fit your goals and desires

Selling your Home?

staged homes sell for

more $$$

Today's home buyer is looking online first.  It's crucial the photos make a great

first impression.

I'm here to help!

clutter free space, staged to sell


removing & repositioning furniture & decor to maximize appeal for

potential home buyers

bend oregon. redmond oregon. moving services. professional organizing. home organizing. home styling. consultation.

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self motivated & just need direction

It is my heart’s desire and passion to help people live well in their home and everyday spaces.  All of us can and should enjoy our surroundings.  Order and beauty bring peace and joy to our lives.  If you  aren’t quite there, (your spaces are cluttered and chaotic), I am eager to help you!   With your individual lifestyle in mind, we will clear out and organize with intention, bringing efficiency and joy back into your daily routines.  Or, if  you just need a fresh look and feel  to your space, I would be delighted to work  with your unique treasures, furniture and decor, add in a few new touches, and move forward into a refocused, refreshed design.  It would be my pleasure to support and serve you.  Together, we can transform your space and everyday life!

All my best, Randi 

Simply Inspired Interiors

professional organizer. home organizer. home styling. moving services. home stager. bend oregon. redmond oregon.


we can


your space

"Oh my gosh!  Randi is the ABSOLUTE BEST!  Just hire her!  She's delightful and she is basically the most productive person I've ever met.  She ran circles around me, literally.  She helped me completely downsize my whole house and garage to prepare for an upcoming move.  All I can say is that I wish I had met Randi 20 years ago!  If I was staying in Central Oregon I would schedule her quarterly to help me keep on top of things.  Best money I've ever spent!"