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I've had a passion for organizing, rearranging and all things decor for as long as I can remember.  As a young girl, I would wake up extra early, when the house was still quiet, and completely empty my closet, for the pure pleasure of finding a new way to organize it.  In 1998, I earned an Associate Degree in Interior Design.  I enjoyed working in retail design, doing store merchandising and displays for several years, before assisting for an Interior Design company.  

It is my heart’s desire and passion to help people live well in their home and everyday spaces.  All of us can and should enjoy our surroundings.  Order and beauty bring peace and joy to our lives.  If you aren’t quite there, (your spaces are cluttered and chaotic), I am eager to help you!  With your individual lifestyle in mind, we will clear out and organize with intention, bringing efficiency and joy back into your daily routines.  Or, if you just need a fresh look and feel to your space, I would be delighted to work with your unique treasures, furniture and decor, add in a few new touches, and move forward into a refocused, refreshed design.  It would be my pleasure to support and serve you. 

Together, we can transform your space and everyday life!

All my best,

Randi Hill

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