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Craft Room- Function & Peace of Mind Reclaimed

This room took us on a journey through time. I expected the sorting to consist of primarily craft items, but we uncovered a huge amount of pictures and memorabilia. Sorting through this type of "stuff" is tedious, slow and often emotional. It is important to go at the pace of the homeowner and sometimes shift gears and focus, and go back to the more difficult tasks at a later time. I am told that before some of these photos were taken, even walking through the room was challenging. So there was no shortage of craft items either ;-). Life circumstances can lead to boxes and things getting put in a room for "some other time," and often multiply as life goes on, and the original function of the room gets buried and layered on top. A jumbled up, chaotic space, can end up making our mind and body feel the same way.

I heard about a lot of wonderful people and adventures as we sorted through the boxes and piles. As usual, we sorted, putting 'like' things together, while some things were trashed, and others donated. We found a lot of pictures and memorabilia that are now stored in containers in the craft room closet, for easy access to look through and enjoy as desired. All craft items were also grouped together by category and placed where it made the most sense for appropriate fit, accessibility and frequency of use. As was necessary for moving forward and completing this space, we did set aside a few containers of very mixed items and gadgets for sorting through later, when time and energy allow. It is important to remain flexible and cater each project to current needs and desires.

This lovely lady really enjoys an eclectic, artsy look, displaying a variety of treasured items. My natural tendency is to aim for a more minimalistic finish. But, projects are always about the client and making the room suit their needs and desires. It was a pleasure to help this beautiful soul get this room to a place of function and enjoyment. It brought me such joy and satisfaction to receive a text with a picture of her granddaughter using the craft room for the first time, with the ability to sit down at the cleared off table and know exactly where to find the craft supplies and tools for the project of the day!!! That's success! It is a privilege to be a part of the process and results!

More Before and After Pictures - Side by Side Comparison:

A Few Close-Up Details:

We were able to use storage containers already on hand to completely categorize and organize the closet. And, although the goal for this homeowner was a more eclectic look and feel, we did purchase a new large cube unit for yarn storage, baskets for the large cream bookshelves, a few more for the other bookshelf, and a few lazy susans. One other fun detail... you may notice a blue rolling cart near the closet. This is ready to rock and roll, complete with kids craft items for the grandchildren.

This project was about more than organizing a craft room. It brought opportunity to meet and get to know another wonderful, beautiful person. I am blessed.

One of the best, most enjoyable parts of my life is helping others get a little more enjoyment out of their daily life. A thought-out and organized, beautiful space can help. A little order can go a long way. How can I help you?

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