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Living Room & Touches Throughout

This post features some of the smaller changes in this home. But small changes can have a large impact.

This timber framed home has it's fair share of beautiful wood. We wanted to contrast the wood and emphasize a few bright touches of cream accessories. We removed a larger end table and replaced it with a smaller one, to make a slight adjustment to the placement of the recliner for a little better fit. We were able to relocate the table behind the sofa, add some bright pillows, and make a couple other small adjustments to accessories to pull together a refreshed look.

The mantle got an updated look, as well, incorporating more cream colored accessories, for consistency throughout the space and to further lighten and brighten.

As we purged and organized throughout this home, we uncovered a multitude of treasures, including LOTS of old photographs of family members and loved ones. It was important to these home owners to display as many as we possibly could. With an antique theme throughout the home, we utilized the hallway, and even an antique stove to show off these valued pieces.

In addition, we updated the wallpaper in the hall bathroom, for a fresh new look.

Simply Inspired Interiors enjoys helping clients make both small and big changes to their spaces. How can SII help you?


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