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each project is as unique as the individual and their current needs

the goal is less clutter, more purpose ~ a refreshed, refocused design


Garage Organization

This space was overrun with too much "stuff," and not enough storage space to accommodate it all.  By installing shelving above the garage door, we created a large amount of additional storage.  This was key to freeing up floor space and allowing more room to regroup like items together and place them for easier, more functional access.  New storage containers, to match the existing, and painting a cabinet to coordinate with the black/grey/silver color theme brought this space together in a more uniform, tidy and functional design.  Large labels are a key component in this space to know where each item is to be found and put away after use.


Home Refresh

I had the privilege of working with a beautiful lady in her beautiful home! This client has a very busy lifestyle and works from home.  We cleared away the clutter that had accumulated on all surfaces, and focused on creating a few key decorative points of interest, with a large focus on repositioning wall art throughout the kitchen, dining room and living room.  We were able to make some progress in the master bedroom as well.  All art was repositioned more effectively, considering the size of each wall, hanging each piece with a consistent -eye level- height throughout the space, and creating a multi-faceted grouping in the dining area.  Accessories were placed in tight groupings, allowing for clutter-free space in between each point of interest.  We also cleared out and renamed space for all her 'work from home' needs, increasing order and efficiency, while making it easier to keep surfaces free of clutter moving forward. Her home's radiance is shining a little brighter, but equally important, steps toward order and efficiency were achieved!


more projects coming soon

“Randi is a true professional in interior staging and design.  She is knowledgeable, friendly, and has valuable aesthetic knowledge to make homes that I sell look their best for the Real Estate market and discerning homeowner. I highly recommend Randi for taking your home interior to the next level and enjoying the process at the same time.  You will not be disappointed "

Scott Cruikshank - Realtor

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