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Each Client and Job are Unique

One of the best parts of my job is meeting great people. I recently left a client home full of joy, after meeting with the realtor and homeowners. It can be surprising the fun little things you learn about people as you walk through their home.

I was also struck by the fact that each job and client are unique. It is wonderful how each appointment can naturally and easily flow into the format that is best for each situation. In this case, the client and home weren't ready for us to do any hands-on work. We took this first appointment to talk through and take notes of things to declutter, remove, and reposition. The homeowners spent the next several days working on that list! A second visit was then utilized to bring in bedding and accessories, and make some final adjustments, just prior to the photographer's arrival.

Past staging jobs have been from one extreme to the other. While some homes have a decent amount of belongings, furniture and decor to "work with," others are minimalistic already and just need some minor adjustments. Either way, the process makes a positive difference in the photography and online presence of these home listings. Whether it's one extreme or the other, or somewhere in between, I love them all.

I am not yet able to share any photos of this job, or my last few. But, honestly, it often isn't about having a "picture perfect" photo-worthy design. I'm here to serve each client, each individual, according to their needs or desires. And sometimes a big, positive, difference can be accomplished by just working with what they already have and adding in fresh touches in key places. I love walking away knowing I helped make their home shine a little brighter.

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