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Playing with Paint

I do love yellow! But too much of a good thing....well, isn't necessarily a good thing. Pictures (without more equipment and skill than I have) really do distort yellow hues. The golden yellow in this space is much more pleasant in person than the pictures portray. Even still, there was a need to lighten and brighten, and even make the space feel more updated, just by playing with paint.

What a difference! Painting the ceiling a warm white, to coordinate with the creamy white trim and media center, made a dramatic difference in the way lighting reflected and affected the space. I should mention we made this change to the ceiling in several spaces: the living room, kitchen, main hall, secondary hall/office, and mudroom/laundry area. We also painted the table to contrast the wall color and compliment the heavy use of warm whites in the space, lending toward the slight/blended farmhouse vibe in the home. New pillow covers with a golden yellow pattern were added to bring the wall color into the space and better reinforce the choice of the wall color.

We were so pleased with the results, we continued the process into the main hallway, as well as the secondary hallway/office space. The ceilings in these spaces had already been changed to the warm white, but we decided to change the wall color to match! The strategy was to avoid overdoing the use of yellow paint and keep it "special" in the main living area. I think this change also served to give the space a more updated and fresh look.

Yep! Another worthwhile change. The inspiration continued.....and we updated the paint color in the hall bath. This was a much more subtle change. The previous color was a light tan/neutral, but changing it to the warm white added a crisp look to better coordinate with the rest of the home.


Given a little more time, budgeting allowed more BIG changes in this Living Room! New cream colored sofas and 2 terracotta chairs replaced the old furniture. The large ottomans were swapped out for a painted coffee table, along with 4 textured square ottomans, that double as extra seating ;-) Other accessories were changed a bit and more plants were added to the space, including a beautiful large Christmas Cactus.

I am really pleased with the results on this project. The reward is a more balanced, fresh and updated design.

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