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Tips & Tricks for a Tidy & Organized Home

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Here are a few ideas for keeping your home organized after you've worked hard to get it there. Or if you are selling your home, these tips can help you keep your home tidy for frequent showings.

1. Every item needs an intentional home, putting "like" things together, in a place that makes sense for usage.

2. After use, put things away properly, in their designated home, EVERY TIME. It doesn't really take any longer to do it right. In the long run, you will save yourself a lot of time and energy.

3. Once in awhile, when you really aren't up to the task of putting things away correctly, have ONE designated spot to place items that need to be put away later. Soon after, you can clean up and get the job done right. This is REALLY important. The more we "sprinkle" items all around, that aren't where they belong, the faster we get right back to where we started. Items scattered randomly throughout create a "messy" look and feel to our entire space and tend to build and compound. Before we know it, we are back to not knowing where things are, also making it more difficult to access what is still put away properly. Things start to be exhausting and overwhelming again, and the tendency to buy what we already have, but can't find, returns as well. Bottom line, having most of the home

clutter-free and organized, and giving yourself occasional permission for one "mess," is less stressful and allows you to still enjoy all the benefits of being organized. One easy mess to address, rather than a little bit of chaos scattered everywhere, is much easier to tackle.

4. Set limits. If your space is full and you bring in new, something has to go.

5. Keep in mind, adjustments to the current plan may be needed as time goes on. Often, the 'stuff' we have and the purposes for each space evolve.

6. Designate one area in your home for your 'to-do' list or pile. It is more efficient (and tidier) to have one area to reference in order to assess what needs to be done. (incoming mail/packages, returns, projects, etc...) Similar to #3, having these spread throughout the home can be overwhelming and/or rob you of the uncluttered joy and rest each space has to offer.


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