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Splash of Color- Soothing, Yet Cheerful

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

I Love this Bedroom & Bathroom Refresh!

The cool white on these walls made the space feel a little stark and disconnected. I started by choosing a lighter version of the color on the painted sleigh bed to give the walls a fresh coat of paint. This light aqua has a cheerful, yet soothing effect in this cozy bedroom.

I wanted to accomplish a light and bright, relaxing and joyful vibe.... Bedding was switched out to a botanical print with a white background. Curtains and other accessories in dark plum were removed, and a lot of white accessories were added to create a spa-like feel!

The lamps and large mirror were also painted white.

This delightful new paint color was taken into the bathroom as well. Very few accessory changes were need - a couple fluffy white towels and a small change to the floral arrangement completed the work necessary to tie these two rooms together in a fresh and updated look.


As new budgets allowed, we were able to take a second look at this space! We had fun purchasing new bedding and lamps, as well as florals for the wall vases. The new flowers provided a nice pop of color after switching other elements to a more neutral palette.

Do you have a room that could use a fresh outlook?

I'm here to help!

Hands-on, DIY and Virtual options available.

Let's Chat :-)

Do something today to declutter and beautify your surroundings...

All the best,


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