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Laundry/Mud Room & Pantry- Decluttered & Functional

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Making these functional spaces more user friendly was pretty straightforward. We simply sorted through all the stuff that had accumulated in and on the cabinets, counter, floor etc...

We purged what was no longer needed and placed 'like things' together in areas that made sense, according to the space available and the best location for access and use.

We were able to utilize a small chest, that was already on hand, for storing excess outerwear and also serving as a bench to sit down and remove boots and shoes.

Another helpful change was purchasing additional shelving for the pantry to more fully use the space available.

A little bit of time and some TLC made a world of difference. There's a lot of activity in a home's laundry room, mudroom and pantry. These are the types of spaces that really benefit from a little effort to make them more functional, finding a home for all the necessary items that need to be stored and used regularly. After that, with a little discipline, keeping things tidy is a cinch, making each day's tasks a whole lot quicker and easier to accomplish.

Have a room that could use a little TLC? I'd love to help!


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