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Garage- Voila! Brought to Order!

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Let's face it. The garage is a perfect place to dump stuff. When we want things out of our way, but aren't ready to tackle the job of getting rid of the ones we no longer need and/or figuring out where certain items should actually go, the garage is the easy answer. It's out of our least for the moment, til we go out to the garage and see it's a bit overwhelmed with all the extras, and we can no longer walk through or use the garage as intended.

This transformation went rather quickly! Changes were made inside all cabinets. Some of which are on the side of the garage not pictured here. We made sure items of the same category were kept together and established the best locations for each group, based on several factors. (amount per category, location best for accessibility and usage...)

Misc. parts for specific household/property equipment were grouped with misc hardware and organized into one cabinet area. Tools and related items, adhesives, spray paint, small lawn and garden gadgets etc... were organized into the built-in cabinets and drawers. A few categories of items were taken to another area to be grouped with other "like" items. Other categories made their way back into the house and found their home in the appropriate places. And...a large pile is making it's way to recycling and garbage.

No rocket science here....but definitely a very satisfying finish! I love a clean and tidy garage, complete with a freshly swept floor ;-)

Could you use a little help in your garage? or a room in your house?

I'd love to meet and serve you. ;-)


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