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Pantry- Revitalized

This is just a simple case of not really having a plan or designated spot for each category of food and other kitchen supplies. In these cases it is common for things to just get placed here and there without much thought.

Before- Center Section/Upper View:

Before- Center Section/Lower View:

I started by removing the shelf in the far left lower section and gathering/placing small appliances in that space. I then added the shelf to the middle lower section and utilized that area, with its easy access, for baskets of snacks for the grandchildren and overstock of drink supplies. All baking supplies were pulled together and organized on the left side wall and flowed into the shelves on the left section of the main wall. We transitioned into drink supplies to be handy for the "drink station" on the counter. The collection of jars was brought together and arranged in an orderly display. From there remaining food items were separated and organized on remaining shelves. Paper/plastic products (plates, cups, utensils), storage bags, and tupperware were also rearranged, as well as serving dishes and other misc kitchen tools. The counter was also decluttered, but everyday useful items remained for visibility and ease of use.

Side by Side Comparisons:

After regaining order in this space, this lovely homeowner knows exactly where to find and put away each item, for stress-free daily functionality in her lovely pantry.

Does an area in your home need a little rearranging? You, too, can have a more efficient and stress-free interaction with your space. I can help!


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