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A Morning & Evening Swoop will do you good...

If you've ever worked with me, hopefully you knew and felt that I care about improving your life, by improving your spaces.  At the end of every job, I always send tips for staying organized. To put it in simplest form, the key is putting things away, in their proper designated home, every time we are finished using them. But, not everyone functions the same, and not everyone is as picky as me, about having things tidy at any given time ;). Even so, if you get comfortable leaving things laying around, there's a tendency to backslide a bit more each day.


I'm a big fan of routines, going as far as "scheduling" our days to include all the things that need to be done, according to our daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. In an effort to keep a tidy house, having all our things in their proper place, so we know exactly where they are when we need them, I encourage you to have a morning and evening "swoop through the house" routine.  If you are regularly doing this, it won't take long at all! At the end of the day, swoop through each room, putting away all the items that got left out, wash those dishes that were missed, and clear all surfaces, except the decorative items that stay. In the morning, do the same thing. Deal with the clothes from yesterday (clean ones get put away, dirty ones go in the hamper), and do a quick scan, putting away anything that was missed the night before or used after your last swoop. Kids at home? Involve them in the process!


Happy Swooping!

~Randi, Simply Inspired q


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