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Guess Who's Mentioned in this Apartment Guide Article?

We were named a local expert on

ApartmentGuide. Read the full article here:

ApartmentGuide is a subsidiary of

Here is my actual submission and short version of my thoughts on the topic of organizing and utilizing space in a small kitchen:

Maximizing storage space in a small kitchen can be tricky. The perfect solutions are always individual and specific to each space and lifestyle. But in general, if cabinet space is tight, look for ways to store small frequently used items on the counter in decorative containers, being careful not to add clutter and get in the way of workspace. Group all things into categories and create zones, making sure to maximize storage by using each cabinet and drawer to the fullest. If you have extra space elsewhere in your apartment, consider what overstock food items or infrequently used appliances or serving items can be stored there.  Let go of the items you don’t really use or eat.  And, lastly, when you are cruising the grocery aisles, don’t overbuy.  Happy apartment living!

~Randi, Simply Inspired


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