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Quick Note on Avoiding Paper Piles

Let's face it, there is a constant flow of "stuff" entering our home and spaces. A lot of it is in paper form, that can end up tossed and piled here and there...  I have what I call a "hot potato" response to this.  I want to get rid of it as quickly as possible, because clutter isn't an option for me. Even if I am tired or just flat out don't feel like it, I touch each item, decide and sort accordingly: trash/recycling, burn/shred, needs to be filed, or a "to do" task for later. I have a designated spot or file for each of these categories, and voila, in just a few minutes, a tidy space is still in tact. Skipping this simple, short task on a daily basis leads to piles and clutter that are clogging our lives and peace of mind. The fix will then require hours of work, that quite frankly most people avoid and don't have time for. A little push each day can make a big difference.


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