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Clothes Here and There and Everywhere?

I've always loved homemaking. I love organizing my home, tidying my spaces, and decorating all of it. I know not everyone is like me. We all have different personalities, tendencies and gifts. For me what comes naturally is different than what comes naturally to the next person. I enjoy learning from others and sharing my ideas in turn.

My tip for today might seem a bit obvious. But people and life are busy and I have seen that a lot of people struggle with having piles of clothing here, there, and sometimes everywhere. So sharing an idea (or reminder) for a clear plan might be helpful. Dealing with clothes and laundry can be a challenge. Quite frankly, there are a lot of steps in handling our clothing: choosing an outfit, getting dressed, getting undressed, putting them away (if still clean), directing them to the laundry room (if dirty), washing them, drying them, putting them away....and starting all over. Arg!

Having a clear system with designated homes (for clean and dirty clothes) is a huge part of the solution. But so is taking the time to place things in the right place at the right time. I am a FIRM BELIEVER in SCHEDULING your laundry routine. Part of the problem is that people often throw in a load of laundry when they have a moment, but don't necessarily have enough time to complete the process, with drying AND PUTTING ALL the laundry AWAY. I recommend implementing all of these steps:

  1. Have all your Closets/Dressers/Clothing Areas neatly categorized and organized for easy selection/getting dressed and quick, easy and accurate return of these items after wearing or laundering.

  2. Have ONE (per person or per household) designated spot for Dirty Laundry.

  3. Implement a Routine (upon undressing or a morning or evening clean-up time) where all clean clothing items are returned properly to their homes and all dirty items are placed in their designated spot.

  4. Schedule a time when you can fully complete the laundry process: wash, dry, AND put away. I like to do my laundry one day a week, when I have blocked out time to do laundry, house cleaning and office tasks. If that isn't an option for you, (not enough time to fully process multiple loads of laundry on any one day) figure out what days you can complete one or two loads. If even that seems impossible, I'd love to chat with you and see what we can come up with.

FULLY PROCESSED LAUNDRY and a little self-discipline = NO PILES!

I haven't met anyone yet that feels good about piles. If they have been a problem for you, I hope these ideas will help. If you want to chat about your unique circumstances, desiring a little help, reach out!

All my best,

Randi, Simply Inspired

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