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One of my Favorite Habits for Keeping a Tidy Home

Every time I come home, no matter how much I feel like it (or not), I have an intentional routine to stay on top of eliminating potential clutter. It looks like this:

-Empty the car, except for the items that have a permanent and intentional home in the vehicle.

-Bring everything inside and take 5-15 minutes and put everything away...exactly where and how it is supposed to go.

This might sound easy to you. If it does, yay! If you don't already practice this habit, I trust the extra effort will be worth the peace of mind that having your spaces tidy will bring. And, if everything is put in it's proper place, you'll know just where to find everything the next time you need them.

If this new habit sounds daunting....because let's face it, a lot of the time we are ready to drop when we walk in the door...just give it a try. Sometimes a little push, and a little self-discipline, is well worth it in the end. Or you can adjust the plan to suit you. Leave everything in one designated spot for now (except the ice cream that will melt). Schedule in a "pre-relaxing" or "before bed" tidy-up time. Whatever it takes, or however it looks for you, schedule in a routine to regularly eliminate clutter so it doesn't pile up and become overwhelming, frustrating, and stop you from enjoying peace and ease in your everyday spaces.

I'd love to hear if this works for you!

Comment below or reach out

All my best,

Randi, Simply Inspired


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