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Designated Office Space ~ Combined 2 Rooms into 1 !!!

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

I was invited into this home by a client ready for some serious purging. We decided that getting a more functional and designated office space would be our first priority. We were eager to dig in and get to work!

In this home's fairly open floor plan, this living space was being utilized as their working office. Across from this area is the main Living Room, with sectional seating for their frequent family gatherings.

This home features a beautiful Office right off the main entry and living spaces. But it had become overrun with extra furniture and "stuff," and could no longer be a useful space.

These homeowners were ready to have this space redefined as a functioning office. I worked mostly with the lady of the house. And boy was she great at purging!!! She was ready to let go of the things she no longer needed. I was seriously impressed. It took no pressure from me. Sometimes just having me there, forces people to stop and take the time to do what they want to do, but have been putting off. We said goodbye to several pieces of furniture, many boxes of donations, and some bags of trash too. Thanks to Beyond the Ranch Antiques for taking a few beautiful antiques and looking for new people to enjoy them. We purged and combined all office type stuff in BOTH ROOMS and combined them INTO ONE!

The result = a fully functional office, complete with piano and TV viewing, AND the repurposed living space became an additional area for seating/conversation, display of treasured items, and a better location for a puzzle table (that had previously been squeezed in behind their sofa).

SIDE by SIDE Comparisons:

This was such a worthwhile project! I am happy to report this couple is enjoying their new office space.

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