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From Frustration to Function

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

What an inspiring project this was! Everyone is gifted. We are all just gifted in different ways. This gal has her share of talent, but needed a little guidance to get her bedroom in order. Sometimes life gets busy and we don't take the time to make sure everything has a home, putting "like things" together. Then it becomes harder and harder to know where to place things, the snowball effect kicks in, and pretty soon we have a bit of a mess on our hands. But, I LOVE MESSES. This one gave me the opportunity to meet someone new, dig in, and work with her to bring order to the space. I appreciate being invited into this project.

I'm a big fan of hanging as many of our clothes as possible. It's important to "display" our clothes in a way that makes getting dressed each day as quick and easy as possible. When we can easily see our options, we can make a faster choice of what to wear and get on with our day. In this case, it seemed that the dresser being located in the closet was really limiting usable space. The first step was removing it and beginning to hang all clothes that would be worn outside the home. It is helpful to make a distinction between clothes that we wear when we "go out" and clothes we wear when we are "at home." We utilized an existing hanging organizer for folding and storing the second category.

As we worked our way through the bedroom, sorting through the piles, I was so proud of this client for how she so easily parted with things she knew she no longer needed. She purged 2 large bags of trash and 2 1/2 large bags of donations during the first organizing session, and 2 more bags during the second session.

What a difference, right!?! It is worth noting, that all storage cubes and shelving you see here, were already on hand. No new purchases were needed! It was just a matter of purging, sorting and organizing. (Although a small vertical drawer unit is on order to replace the 2 pink containers on the floor of the closet.) It brings me great joy that the everyday tasks of getting ready, putting things away after each use, and putting away clean laundry will be easy-peasy after this closet makeover.

After removing the dresser from the closet, we were able to utilize it for storing memorabilia, craft supplies, and other bedside needs, which eliminated the need for the smaller nightstand.

Functional Finish. Everything has a home. And strategies are discussed and in place for lasting results. Satisfaction all around!

This sweet gal just needed a little guidance and a fresh perspective.

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