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Loft- Organized & Ready for Playtime

It was time to purge and gain a bit of order in this play space. There was a need to get rid of a couple furniture pieces, other items no longer needed, and do some basic organizing. As is typical in most rooms that could use a little TLC, some items had landed here that didn't really belong. Those items were, of course, placed in areas more suited for their use.

As for all the fun toys and activities for the grandchildren to enjoy, they were sorted and organized, putting like things together, and situating them for easy access and enjoyment.

We also reclaimed an area for scrapbooking, complete with getting the supplies organized for easy usage.

It brings me great joy to dig into a mess and turn it into a space that is easy on the eye and mind, and is ready for everyday enjoyment and use.

How can I help you and your space?


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