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Master Closet

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Such a FUN project! I love organizing closets!

The first step, in organizing any closet the right way, is emptying it. So that is exactly what we did. It can be surprising, as well as effective, to see the amount of clothes we actually have in one or more piles! This usually prompts us to realize we need to let some of them go. Having to hold each item helps us evaluate our need or true desire for them. Do I actually like this shirt? Is it in fashion? Will I actually wear it? Does it even fit me well or look good on me? Do I feel good wearing it? Having the closet space empty allows us to reevaluate the best use of the space and ideal placement for each category of apparel.

Unfortunately, I do not have a before picture. We simply plunged into this project sooner than originally planned.

This particular client has a significant amount of workout clothing and shoes and wears them often. We started with this category first, so we could keep these items together and see how much space it would take up, before adding other categories of clothing back in the closet. We chose a folding method and vertical storage to maximize visibility of each item in the drawers.

I love seeing pictures of closets organized by color only. It looks beautiful. But..... design needs to embrace function. And most of us don't go into our closet knowing we want to wear a particular colored shirt that day. It is more likely we are saying, 'it's going to be hot today, I want to wear a tank top.' Or, 'I need to dress up today.' Or, 'I want to be casual today.' So we want to categorize our shirts by type, then sleeve length, then color-light to dark- within each category. For example, we don't want to sift through every color of shirts to find the ones within each color that are a "casual tank top." It is much easier to go to the casual section, see the tank tops first and immediately see all my color options in that category together.

We separated shirts into 3 categories: casual (bottom), dressy (top left), and tunic length (top right). Shoes were separated by type, as well, and light to dark within each group.

A couple other notes:

-Blue jeans with special embellishments were kept separate from other blue jeans.

-Other clothing categories were stored in newly purchased wardrobe and dresser furniture pieces, not pictured here.

-Labels not finished when these pictures were taken.

Overall Results:

I am eager to get my hands on another closet ;)

Do you have one that could use a little TLC?

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